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Top 5 Online Earning Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs are becoming more commonplace as technology improves. Whether you are looking for part-time income or to avoid peak hour traffic, these jobs can give you flexibility that traditional workers do not have.


Data entry is a classic online earning work from home job. Other options include coding, and there are now many coding bootcamps that help you become qualified in just weeks.


1. Short Tasks

Short task sites, also known as micro jobs, are a flexible way to make money on the side. They’re perfect for moms who can’t work full time because of a houseful of kids. They allow you to log on and complete tasks whenever you have free time. You can work on photo tagging and captioning, surveys, keyword searches, and data entry.

While the pay for these short tasks may not be much, it adds up. You can earn up to $3 per hour with Pinecone Research, for example, and you can complete a dozen transcription or translation tasks in an hour. You can also make a steady income as a Cambly tutor, or with remote user testing gigs like Fancy Hands and Fusion Cash.

2. Social Media Management

Social media management requires more than just a solid grasp of how to use the platforms themselves. It also demands human understanding, flawless writing and a knack for data analysis.

In large companies, a social media manager may work alongside a team, so they must be able to develop workflows, delegate tasks and monitor progress on campaigns. They should also be able to respond to Direct Messages and comments, escalate brand issues and perform basic customer service duties.

They must understand how to create engaging content and develop campaigns that align with their clients’ marketing goals. Keeping all the pieces of a campaign together can be daunting, but there are programs like Agorapulse that allow managers to keep files organized in folders and subfolders for each client.

3. Adjunct Professor

College instructors can be hired on a contractual, part-time basis and teach introductory undergraduate courses semester-by-semester. Many are retired and teaching for extra income, while others have a genuine love of education.

Instructors must be well versed in their fields and able to share real-life experiences with students. They also need to know how students learn best so they can determine if lecturing, group work or hands-on projects are better for the class.

Most adjuncts are not paid as much as full professors and do not receive benefits like health insurance or retirement plans. They typically get one semester- or quarter-long contract at a time and need to be able to handle multiple assignments in different disciplines. The flexibility of this job means it is ideal for people who want to try out teaching as a career before committing.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers

The story of a teacher who brings breakfast to a starving student or spends her own money on supplies for an underfunded classroom is a time-honored nugget in the political stump speech. But teachers also have a reputation for behind-the-scenes sharing of materials with one another.

Online educators share lesson plans, classroom activities and other resources through Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Unlike a marketplace like Craigslist or Ebay, TpT is all education-based.

In TpT’s own words, some sellers have made a million dollars or more. But the pace of news stories highlighting such successes has slowed to a trickle. The average TpT seller brings in low single-digit thousands of dollars annually, says CEO Joe Holland. That’s a meaningful amount but not enough to live off.

5. Web Design

Online jobs and work from home opportunities are a great way for people to earn supplemental income or replace their regular office job. They save companies money in utilities, equipment and rent while giving workers flexibility in time, energy and sleep.

There are many types of work-at-home jobs available, from fast micro-tasks on sites like Mechanical Turk to full-time remote positions. Some can even require a bachelor’s degree, but most of them are very low-stress and perfect for people looking for flexible work to fit their schedule.

Web design is similar to graphic design, but it involves coding as well. A skilled web designer knows how to arrange ideas, visuals, and text to make a site easy to navigate. They also take into account technical restraints like pixel and file size requirements.


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